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Hey my Names Kurt, I come from Glasgow scotland, its pretty bornig here theres nothing much to do, so i choosen to take up magic i mainly do close up magic my main influences are Criss Angel & David Cooperfield. Im a pretty easy going guy that takes life one step at a time I enjoy helping ppl with there problems and learn my art Ive being doing magic since the age of 6 its my past time hobby, my life and my art, I have 2 I love animals i have to cats called molly and salem. I studied Webpage development for 3 year at college then went one to do theatre work at the age of 15 i was performing in the theatre doing stage plays mainly drama, 2 year ago i did 20 stage shows performing in front of over 100 people doing magic. Im now trying to take my career a bit futher I'd like to become a professional magic/ Illusionist if not that then Id like to start up my own web page design company or promotion company, I love entertaining people and making them laugh sometimes i can be very shy until i get to know the person or feel i can trust them. please visit my sites below for more on me. If you'd like to no anything else please feel free to ask.
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Currently unemployed working on my magic career.

My Hobbies

  1. Music,
  2. Art,
  3. Reading,
  4. Writing,
  5. Traveling
  6. Movies
  7. Magic
  8. Illusions

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